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  1. I have lost my DRC of my Motor Cycle which issuied a GD at Kushtia Model Thana. What is the fee of Duplicate DRC.

  2. We have purchased a light pickup, Laden weight 3000 kg. Please inform me the the total cost of Registration, fitness and tax.

    1. A.H.M. Anawar Parvez

      Please check the link below:

  3. Md. Kohinoor Hossain

    CAR NO. Dhaka Metro GA-23-3725 , Ownership was as Md. Kohinoor Hossain A/c Union Capital Limited ( Hire purchased), I have already closed the loan of Union Capital Limited and Taken another loan from CAPM Venture Capital & Finance Limited So the registration will be as Md. Kohinoor Hossain A/C CAPM Venture Capital Limited. Let me know the Fees for such type of transfer. Thank you.

  4. Registration fees for three wheeler CNG Autorickshaw

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